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Bespoke music creation from the heart

Music Producer


TV & Film Music Composer

Vocalist | Lyricist

What do you need the most?

"Anything original,  custom and FAST, 

  to  finish  that  project  at  the  last  minute."

I can take one look, and then give you exactly what it needs… you don’t need to think.

Problem solved, and with real style.

or perhaps...

"Something unique, tailored and profound,

  that  speaks  to  the  heart  for  the  whole  journey."

I will listen to you so very attentively,

and together we will find the project’s emotional home… you describe the feeling you want behind the message and I will bring you your vision.

Hello there and thank you for coming to my site.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you what is most important to you right now, what you really need.

For the last 20 years I have been immersed in music production, serving as a studio music producer,  composer, 

session-musician,  vocalist and lyricist.

Along the way I’ve enjoyed a good few years of touring playing live on various instruments, numerous styles in a great variety of settings across the globe. Such a wealth of experience has furthered my versatility to the widest extremes and fostered a deeper understanding of how music gives voice to the heart.

For my whole career I have always had a servant attitude. A musical butler if you will. Throughout the duration of your project I can remain as invisible as you wish, simply clearing up the mess by sewing up musical holes and giving that final polish to your beautifully crafted work. The job will seem to have been done by magic.

Alternatively, if the time calls for me to step up front, you can rely on my skills, passion and creative conviction to charge on ahead with integrity and bring you and your clients a product that stands head and shoulders above their competition…

to over deliver, every time. 

One thing is for sure, when we work together you will get more from me than just high quality bespoke music, you will have the kind of person you actually like to deal with, on your team, helping you to continue to impress your clients.


Thank you for giving me your time. 

Please do reach out to me, tell me what your needs are and I look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Laurence J Blackler

Producer, Composer,


Vocalist, Lyricist.

Thanks! Message sent.

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